Reinforcement bar for Brompton rear mudguard

The stainless steel PLABLO reinforcement bar is designed to protect and generate a more solid structure to the original mudguard.


–    1,5 mm. Stainless steel.
–    Compatible with Brompton’s L equipment.
–    Employs the original Brompton mudguard wheel.
–    Weight: 60g.


–    Remove the rear wheel.
–    Remove the original mudguard wheel from its bracket.
–    Using the “B” axle insert it on Plablo’s bracket no.4 holes.
–    Remove the rear brake set, insert the axle thru ear “1” (the washer “Z” must be inserted in front or behind the ear in order to adjust the PLABLO holes to the mudguard ones).
–    Insert the bolts on “A” no.2, 3, 5 & 6 holes.  The “PLABLO” reinforcement bar takes the shape of the mudguard.
–    Insert the rear wheel and ready!!!


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