Why Milian Parts?

Milian Parts designs and produces high-quality accessories for the Brompton bicycle. Thanks to 15 years of experience working with this bicycle and our constant striving for improvement, we are able to provide you with quality-guaranteed products that will amiliorate your Brompton experience. Our product line covers the real necessities of the Brompton market by improving both its aesthetic and functional capabilities. Our retail shop and showroom, CapProblema–Brompton Barcelona, is an international reference within the Brompton universe and continues to be the creative think-tank, the I+D laboratory and source from which the technical knowledge of Milian Parts draws its inspiration.

Raw copper Lab

Besides manufacturing accessories for the Brompton bicycle, Dani Milian has a great time creating customized bicycles for his customers. This year the focus was on the development of a special project... Raw Copper, you'll be amazed! Copper provides a new chameleon skin to your Brompton, in constant metamorphosis… In case you are interested in a exclusive bike for you, contact us; we will be happy to help and develop your project.

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